Apple's RDF Hits Me at Full Sail Promo

I’m beginning to think that the famed “Reality Distortion Field” isn’t limited to Steve Jobs or Macworld Expo keynotes. One of the benefits of being at Full Sail is having access to almost monthly tech events and this morning the good folks from Apple, Inc. sent over Steven Hayman to show an auditorium full of Full Sailites how flipping easy it is to create apps for the iPhone or iTouch. And how funny is it that Hayman began the presentation by showing the following Onion News video parodying the craziness of Macworld and Apple product launch events:


The Onion News folks did a perfect job echoing the hype and often irrational fandom of all things Apple. Then Hayman spent the next hour making me want to be an iPhone/iTouch programmer. Yikes. I really got sucked up into thinking about how easy it is to program the little things and what I could possibly come up with that would be fun to do, and possibly lucrative for me. Even as I was walking out to the car, talking to Holly about the cool things that could be done, I remembered, “Oh yeah, I just restarted my doctorate program, I’m going to find it hard to find time to sleep…” Damn. I wonder how I could work this into a dissertation research question. Hmmm.

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  1. Dude, you could totally do it. Maybe you could spin it as a course at Full Sail? iPhone apps for Educators? Results of iPhone apps on Learning Outcomes? I smell a MacArthur or NSF Grant. If you offer it, can I audit the class? 😀 Good luck; it’ll hit ya!

    Amy (currently on Diss v3.0-and this one is the charm!)

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