Witnessing History: The Best Steve Jobs Keynote

January 16, 2015

Just over eight-years ago I was in the auditorium in San Francisco on January 9, 2007 and witnessed history when Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone to the world. It seems weird that this happened […]

Nokia Resorts to FUD Ads

April 5, 2012

What does it mean when an advertiser begins his campaign by knocking the other product about issues over two-years old? I thought making the consumer think about the market leader (not your product) was a […]

Loving the Line (Even When I'm Not In It)

March 19, 2012

In the early hours of Friday morning I was delighted to stumble across tweets and blog posts about the lines that had been forming around the world of mac fans looking to buy the new […]

iCloud Photostream Gets a C-minus

October 29, 2011

  When I first heard about iCloud’s photostreaming feature I was really hoping that I’d finally have a much better workflow for my photos than being tied to my iPhoto library that was getting much […]

Book Book for iPhone

September 7, 2011

This is kind’a scary. Long ago I decided that I should not be ashamed of my continual attraction to computer/iPad/iPhone cases any more than what I’ve noted of the attraction of my female friends to […]

Berlin in 4:33/iPhone 4

September 28, 2010

Berlin in 4:33 / iPhone 4 from Martin Botvidsson on Vimeo. It’s Monday, let there be art video: Berlin in 4 minutes and 33 seconds – Aufgenommen mit einem iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Antenna-gate – Get Over It!

July 28, 2010

Earlier I retweeted the following: Have you ever noticed 95% of the time: People who hate Macs have never owned one, People who hate PCs have owned one. (thanks @gracesmith @CMoz). Only problem with the […]

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